BEECHAM at the Royal Festival Hall, Volume 3

"Sir Thomas, though shaky on foot, stood up, and the energy of his shoulders and arms was as athletic as ever. At a sforzando he tore his arms, at a piano he crouched down, bending over to soften the tone. At the crescendo he raised himself by degrees until, at the forte, he sprang up to his full height; and, as though without knowing it, would often at the same time shout aloud.

I admired especially the dexterity of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra which enabled it to cope with the notes at the pace set by Sir Thomas, who was at his most galvanic, unbuttoned, reckless, and ebullient." - The Guardian, 1959

  • ADDISON Ballet Suite, Carte Blanche

  • BEETHOVEN Symphony No. 7

  • SAINT-SAËNS Dance of the Priestesses (Samson & Delilah)

  • GOUNOD Juliet's Dream (Romeo and Juliet)