Our subscription services include Pristine Streaming - high quality streamed music from the Pristine Audio catalogue - and the update services for purchasers of our Digital Music Collection.


To subscribe log into your Pristine account or go to My Account then click on My Subscription. Here you'll see the options open to you. Pristine Streaming subscriptions can also be initiated from the Pristine Streaming section of our website. 

Subscriptions are available through PayPal or your credit card. All subscriptions are monthly and payments are taken automatically. There is also an option to take out an annual subscription for Pristine Streaming.  Note that these payments happen "silently" - you will not receive any emails concerning them.


Checking your subscription status
Go to My Account/My Subscription then click on Manage Subscription History to see all your current and previous subscriptions and transactions.


Cancelling a subscription
To cancel a subscription go to My Account/My Subscription then click on Manage Subscription History then click on Cancel under the Actions heading.


New card?
If you need to change the card used for your subscription please cancel the existing subscription then start a new one with your new card. You'll also need to start a new subscription when your card expires unless you've subscribed through PayPal.


Digital Music Collection Updates
There are two types of subscription: digital-only and DVD plus digital. In the case of the DVD option you'll receive monthly discs from us with all new releases from the previous month in a FLAC formats. You'll also be able to download any of our releases without payment.

To download any recording simply add it to your account. When you're logged in you'll see a second purple button underneath the usual purchase button, under the heading "Get this recording for free with your Digital Music Collection" and marked "Add to my account". Click on this button and the recording will be added to your downloads section in all available formats (including MP3). You'll be automatically redirected to your download area where the recording you just added will be waiting for you. This option is available to all subscribers.

Note that the Digital Music Collection updates subscriptions are only available to purchasers of Digital Music Collections. Your account will be upgraded to purchaser status following a manual check of your Digital Music Collection purchase and subscriptions will be available once this has taken place.