MARKEVICH at the Edinburgh Festival: Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, Mussorgsky, Stravinsky (1962) - PASC493

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MARKEVICH at the Edinburgh Festival: Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, Mussorgsky, Stravinsky (1962) - PASC493

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TCHAIKOVSKY Francesca da Rimini*
SHOSTAKOVICH  Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk - 2 Arias


STRAVINSKY  The Rite of Spring

Live stereo concert recording, 1962
*Download only - not on CD
Total duration: 91:42 (download); 67:42 (CD)

Galina Vishnevskaya, soprano
London Symphony Orchestra

Igor Markevitch
, conductor

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Markevitch conducts the LSO at Edinburgh 1962 with Galina Vishnevskaya

Superb live stereo recordings

This is the second in our short series of radio transcription recordings made by the BBC at the Edinburgh Festival of 1962. These concerts were not broadcast at the time but appeared on transcription discs, most likely aimed at the US radio market, which should have been destroyed after use. The announcements here suggest two programmes were intended. The concert  recording runs to nearly 92 minutes and is available in full in our download and streaming formats. We have had to cut the opening item, Tchaikovsky's Francesca di Rimini for this CD release in order to fit a single disc. Those buying the CD do of course get a free copy of the MP3 download which includes the Tchaikovsky and additional announcements not present on this disc.

The recording itself is in fine BBC stereo. XR remastering has served to bring out a rather light bass, especially in the Stravinsky, conveying much more of the power and intensity of the performance.   

Andrew Rose

Radio Introduction

TCHAIKOVSKY Francesca da Rimini (22:50)

SHOSTAKOVICH  Two Arias from Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk

I Could See From My Window  (6:03)
I Know a Lake in the Forest  (7:16)

MUSSORGSKY (arr. Markevitch)  Six Songs

Cradle Song  (4:47)
The Magpie  (2:00)
Night  (1:45)
Where art thou, little star?  (1:48)
The Ragamuffin  (4:04)
On The Dnieper  (7:34)

Galina Vishnevskaya    soprano

STRAVINSKY  The Rite of Spring
Part 1: Adoration of the Earth -  Introduction  (3:27)
The Augurs of Spring - Dances of the Young Girls  (3:01)
Ritual of Abduction  (1:23)
Spring Rounds  (3:26)
Ritual of the River Tribes  (1:53)
Procession of the Sage  (0:43)
The Sage  (0:23)
Dance of the Earth  (1:14)
Part 2: The Sacrifice - Introduction  (3:31)
Mystic Circles of the Young Girls  (2:55)
Glorification of the Chosen One  (1:36)
Evocation of the Ancestors  (0:48)
Ritual Action of the Ancestors  (3:10)
Sacrificial Dance  (4:55)

London Symphony Orchestra    Igor Markevitch

XR remastering by XR remastering by Andrew Rose

Cover artwork based on a photograph of Edinburgh

Live concert recording, Edinburgh Festival
Usher Hall, Edinburgh, August 26, 1962

Recorded by BBC Transcription Services