SILVESTRI in Philadelphia (1961) - PASC490

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SILVESTRI in Philadelphia (1961) - PASC490

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    TCHAIKOVSKY  Manfred Symphony
    The Young Person's Guide To The Orchestra
    Live stereo recording, 1961
    Total duration: 74:37

    The Philadelphia Orchestra 
    Constantin Silvestri,

    This set contains the following albums:

    Constantin Silvestri's sole broadcast with the Philadelphia Orchestra - previously unissued

    "Once again, Pristine Classical has come up with a superb live Philadelphia Orchestra recording" - The Philadelphia Inquirer

    Constantin Silvestri was best remembered for his work in England, most specifically the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, a fine ensemble with which he made a number of recordings. Here we find him with what was at the time one of the greatest orchestras in the world: The Philadelphia Orchestra. This superb stereo recording captures his only broadcast with the orchestra and may therefore be the only recording of him in Philadelphia. Culled from perfectly preserved master tapes, it follows previous Pristine releases featuring the orchestra in this era under the batons of Stokowski and Klemperer in offering the outstanding playing of the Philadelphia in stunning performances - most particularly of the Manfred Symphony - recorded in superb high quality stereo sound and requiring minimal intervention from the restorer to present the present programme with superlative sonics.

  • The programme on 25 November 1961, 55 years to the day prior to this issue, also included a short work by Silvestri himself: Prelude and Fugue Toccata, Op. 17a, No. 2. Alas this makes for a recording just a couple of minutes too long for a single CD - you can instead find it as a free download from our website.

  • Andrew Rose
    • TCHAIKOVSKY  Manfred Symphony in B minor, Op. 58
    • BRITTEN The Young Person's Guide To The Orchestra, Op. 34
      (Variations and Fugue on a Theme of Purcell)

    Recorded live in the Academy of Music, Philadelphia on November 25, 1961

    The Philadelphia Orchestra  
    Constantin Silvestri, conductor


    Philadelphia Inquirer Review

    He makes an extremely strong case for the symphony's musical rhetoric

  • Where do they find this stuff? Once again, Pristine Classical (based in rural France) has come up with a superb live Philadelphia Orchestra recording, this time a 1961 concert by Romanian conductor Constantin Silvestri, who is not often associated with the United States, much less Philadelphia.

  • The repertoire is Tchaikovsky's great problem child, the Manfred Symphony, considered, a significant work in some circles and a white elephant in others. The piece was a specialty of Silvestri, and thanks to the sonic weight of the Philadelphia Orchestra, he makes an extremely strong case for the symphony's musical rhetoric. And, oh, yes, some of the tunes aren't bad, either.

    David Patrick Stearns

  • The Philadelphia Inquirer