MEYROWITZ Schubert: Symphony No. 8

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MEYROWITZ Schubert: Symphony No. 8 "Unfinished" (1934) - PASC130

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SCHUBERT Symphony No. 8 "Unfinished"

Recorded 1934
Total duration: 23:35

Grand Orchestre Symphonique de Paris
conducted by Selmar Meyrowitz

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One of the greatest performances on disc - in amazing sound

This super-rare recording remastered and reissued for the first time

If you're thinking of Googling this recording, I wouldn't bother - you won't find out anything about it anywhere! This ultra-rare recording came to me from an American collector. who stated "...the copy I sent you was initially transferred – not by me, I did only side-joins & minor cleaning – by the only owner I know...".

Well when I heard the transfer I knew we were onto something - it already sounded remarkable: exceptionally clean and well-recorded. I was able to make further, if rather minor, improvements to the sound quality using XR re-equalisation techniques, and it certainly sounds good in Ambient Stereo, but for a recording of this era it's remarkably true to the original - a happy result of such a good result in the studio back in 1934.

Or as my correspondent put it: "The Meyrowitz ‘Unfinished’ is among the most beautiful I know of that work, utterly amazing in his wide use of dynamics for 78s: either incredibly trusting or incredibly savvy about engineering potentialities available to him in that era."

SCHUBERT Symphony No. 8 "Unfinished" in B minor, D759

Grand Orchestre Symphonique de Paris
conducted by Selmar Meyrowitz

Recorded in Paris in 1934
Issued as Pathé 78s PAT 98-100

Restoration and XR remastering by Andrew Rose at Pristine Audio, October 2008
Cover artwork based on a painting of Franz Schubert

Total duration: 23:35