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FOURNIER, JANIGRO & BADURA-SKODA Beethoven: "Archduke" Trio (1951) - PACM028

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BEETHOVEN Piano Trio No 7 in B flat, Op. 97, "Archduke"

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Fournier, Janigro and Badura-Skoda play Beethoven

Westminster classical LP recording remastered for finest sound quality

To include repeats or not to include repeats? If it means your listener will be forever changing sides of 78s you'll probably leave most of them out, whereas with the fuller span of an LP you can afford to be a little more generous - hence the extra five and half minutes of Beethoven heard on this recording, by comparison to our 1943 Solomon-Holst-Pini release (PACM022).

However, if the third, slow movement had been taken here at the same pace as the earlier recording a further minute could have been added to the duration here - clearly the trio felt no need to use their extra time needlessly!

I've chosen to highlight with our free download here the final movement, where Fournier, Janigro and Badura-Skoda begin with a sense of real jollity so clear that you can definitely hear them smiling at each other as they play!

Once again I'm glad to report an excellent job of restoration by Peter Harrison, who seems to do the impossible and raise the bar every month on what can be achieved from these 1950's mono recordings. Take a listen and you'll hear a superb recording, wonderfully played, and not a hint that it's 54 years old.

Andrew Rose

  • BEETHOVEN Piano Trio No 7 in B flat, Op. 97, "Archduke"
    Recorded 15-30 October 1951, Konzerthaus, Mozart-Saal, Vienna
    Released as Westminster WL5131 & XWN18270
    Duration 40:03

Jean Fournier, violin
Paul Badura-Skoda,
Antonio Janigro, cello