Pristine Audio Digital Music Collection

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Pristine Audio Digital Music Collection

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All our recordings in CD-quality or higher - fully up to date with every release at time of purchase
Ambient Stereo, Stereo, Mono - all FLAC formats

Available on a 2TB pocket-sized drive

This set contains the following albums:

The Pristine Audio Digital Music Collection

Delivered to you on a 2TB (2000 GB) plug-and-play high quality pocket-sized Toshiba 2.5-in high speed USB 3 external hard drive (NB. USB3 in backward-compatible with previous versions of USB).

Simply plug into your PC, Mac or compatible digital music player and you've got the lot - all our Pristine album releases (over 1100 at the time of writing) as 16-bit and, where applicable,  audiophile 24-bit FLAC formats - plus all our Pristine Exclusives (in MP3 format). This includes mono and Ambient Stereo versions where applicable - it really is everything.

The drive is DRM-free - copy it to your own system, make CDs from it, use it as you wish. It's big on the inside but it's small enough on the outside to slip into your pocket.


Purchasers of the Digital Music Collection are eligible for our updates service. For just €20/month (plus €5 shipping) you'll get a DVD (or two!) through the post every month with all our latest releases, as well as free unlimited download access to our entire site so you don't have to wait for the postman and full access to Pristine Streaming. This special subscription option will be enabled in your Account Subscriptions section after you've purchased a Pristine Audio Digital Music Collection.

User review

It's like having a record store on a hard drive!

"After collecting for 40+ years, I can honestly say that the single greatest purchase I ever made is the Pristine Digital Music Collection.   It's like having a record store on a hard drive!  I love browsing and listening to my favorite artists sounding better than ever.   Plus, I get to discover recordings and artists I didn't know.  I travel and can take the collection with me everywhere.  It's also reduced shelf space I had devoted to inferior transfers.   Get this - you won't regret it.  And upgrade to get on-line access and have the new releases delivered each month." - C. Stager, NY