KRIPS Mendelssohn: Elijah (1954) - PACO015

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KRIPS Mendelssohn: Elijah (1954) - PACO015

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MENDELSSOHN Elijah (English version), Op. 70

Recorded 1954
Duration: 2hr 9:04

The London Philharmonic Orchestra
Conducted by Josef Krips

This set contains the following albums:

Decca's 1954 English Elijah from Josef Krips

The London Philharmonic in late Decca mono, remastered for superb sound

The recording presented here is of great interest, as it was one of Decca's final large-scale mono recordings before the switch in the mid-1950's to recording in stereo, even before it was possible to produce stereo LPs.

As such what you hear in this recording is mature technique, thoroughly tried, tested and understood. The difficulties which had plagued many early vinyl releases were behind them, and Decca were well into their stride; the company's full frequency range recording technology was almost a decade old, and recording tape technology had been in use for six years.

As with the final direct-to-disc shellac recordings of 1947/8, everything was pretty well optimised for excellent results, and for the restoration engineer, working from near-mint copies, this was a dream to remaster. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have!

Andrew Rose

Jacqueline Delman (Soprano)
Norma Procter (Contralto)
George Maran (Tenor)
Bruce Boyce (Baritone)
Michael Cunningham (Boy Soprano)

The London Philharmonic Choir
(Chorus-Master Frederic Jackson)

The Hampstead Parish Church Boys' Choir
(Choir-Master Martin Sidwell)

The London Philharmonic Orchestra

Conducted by Josef Krips

Recorded 18-24 September, 1954, issued as Decca LXT 5000-2
Download ID: 256972, 256973, 435365, 435366
Duration: 2hr 9:04