TOSCANINI The Beethoven Symphonies Vol. 3: No. 9

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"When the voices soared with the thought of starry skies and millions advancing to the destiny of man's brotherhood the tone carried the color as well as the verbal symbol of the thought. And here was something, only to be experienced through the agency of television — the sight of the maestro, face and eyes aflame, himself shouting forth the glorious words which become one of the greatest and simplest passages in the whole work — the cry of the chorus, repeated — “Vor Gott! Vor Gott!”" - NY Times, 1948

This final instalment of our 3-volume set of Toscanini's Beethoven Symphonies really delivers - a superb performance from 1948 in fully-refurbished sound, bringing one of the maestro's greatest recordings of this monumental work truly alive. A fitting recording to mark Beethoven's 250th anniversary year and Pristine's 600th orchestral album!