Spivakovsky plays Beethoven Concertos

"Spivakovsky plays with taste and maturity, taking the first movement cadenza in his stride and revealing a reserved gravity in the central movement. There’s a fair quotient of insouciant wit in the finale." MusicWeb International on Spivakovsky's Concerto playing.

This seventh instalment finds us in the concert hall and on the radio, and with two of the most important works in the piano repertoire: Beethoven's fourth and fifth concertos. The Concerto No. 4 hails from a 1961 Australian broadcast performance with the Victorian State Orchestra, heard in some of the best sound quality yet of this superb series. The Emperor, by contrast, is something of a technical miracle. Broadcast by the BBC's Overseas Service in 1953 on short wave radio, it was captured onto acetate discs in Australia and thus preserved for posterity - in the words of Mark Ainley: "a grand and heroic interpretation of this popular work."

If you've yet to dip a toe in the waters of out Jascha Spivakovsky series, this may be the ideal place to start!