RACHMANINOV plays his Four Concertos

For this week's release we mark the 10th anniversary of Mark Obert-Thorn's first Pristine releases, which now total an astonishing 141 albums, with a return for Mark to a set of recordings that have played a big part in his own professional life - the four Rachmaninov piano concertos, played by the composer and The Philadelphia Orchestra, under first Leopold Stokowski, then later Eugene Ormandy. These are coupled with the Paganini Rhapsody, also with the same orchestra and conducted by Stokowski.
All are essential recordings and constituted some of Mark's most successful releases for Naxos many years ago. This week he's returned, with the benefits of huge improvements in restoration technology since then, to deliver a real tour de force that you will I'm sure be eager to hear.
There's a full index of Mark's Pristine releases here.