MONTEUX The First NBC Concerts, Vol. 1

13 November 1937 saw perhaps a unique event: the debut concert of a major symphony orchestra, conducted by a man who'd performed for Brahms, Grieg, Debussy, Stravinsky, Ravel, and so many more, and which was witnessed by millions around the USA and beyond - by the magic of radio.

‘As soon as he settled to his work last night, which was perhaps after the [Bach-] Respighi performance, he was remarkable, not only in his authority and control of the orchestra but in the freedom and musical imagination with which he utilized his power. The Franck, the Debussy, the Strauss were superb performances of modern music’ - NY Times

Pierre Monteux conducted the first three NBC Symphony Orchestra  concerts, of which this was the very first. In addition to works by the aforementioned composers, there was also a thrilling performance of Mozart's Haffner Symphony. The sound quality on offer here is, like the performance, simply astonishing.