MILES DAVIS QUINTET - The First Great Quintet

I've had copies of these legendary albums in my collection for about 30 years. They remain an essential document of an incredible ensemble at its all-too-brief brief peak, and have been among my favourite jazz recordings since I first discovered them in my early twenties.

And yet I always had a problem with the sound of them. After the excellent 1960s Columbia recordings of the Second great quintet, listening to the First always seemed like going back to another sonic era. It's not just the mono sound, it's the whole thing - constricted, narrow, dull even.

Enter Ambient Stereo XR remastering - to completely transform these legendary classics and bring that dusty sound back to life. In celebration of what would be Miles Davis' 95th birthday, here are all six Quintet albums, the product of an amazing year-long recording project by the group, all together in stunning XR sound!