MARIA CALLAS in Verdi's Il Trovatore

"The role of Leonora is one in which I have much admired Mme Callas. Her assumption is that of a great lady, as it should be; and in the two big arias I have heard her phrase the music like a virtuoso violinist with a mastery which marked her off from most other Leonoras of the common sort...

In the scene with the count which comes after the Miserere, Mme Callas is altogether astonishing in her realisation of the drama in her dynamic phrasing, making her rivals sound merely like also rans in a steeple chase." - The Gramophone, 1957

Once again in this critically-acclaimed series, Pristine's Ambient Stereo XR remastering has significantly transformed the sound quality and listening experience of this great Callas/Karajan opera recording, bringing to it new life and the wonderfully rich and vibrant sound that was too often lacking in the original.