LÉNER QUARTET Beethoven: The Middle Quartets

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"I’ve learned what I’ve been missing all these years—which I can only describe as string quartet heaven, designed on special commission by a beneficent Deity. The Léners have one of the most ravishing string tones of any string quartet I’ve ever heard—beautifully rich and well blended, but not the slightest bit greasy or fatty. This is simply the stuff of immortality; highest possible recommendation." - Fanfare on Volume 1

This week we bring you the second instalment of the complete Beethoven string quartets, as recorded by The Léner Quartet. This volume, recorded from 1926-1932, consists of the complete Middle Quartets: the three 'Rasumovsky' quartets, together with the 'Harp' and 'Serioso'. As with the first volume, this really is essential listening!