LÉNER QUARTET Beethoven String Quartets Vol.3: The Late Quartets

'“Indispensable” and “mandatory” are words far too weak to convey the importance of hearing and acquiring this set, and those to come. This is simply the stuff of immortality; highest possible recommendation.' James A. Altena, Fanfare, on Vol. 1

'It is the flexibility and suppleness of the Léner’s phrasing, along with that plush sound, which distinguishes their performances. All good chamber music is a musical conversation, and these readings practically define the term “ensemble playing.” The four musicians listen to each other and interact on the highest level. Phrases are passed around from player to player so that the music is always going somewhere and coming from somewhere. No phrase is played without an awareness of what preceded it and what follows. I once heard Daniel Barenboim rehearsing a young orchestra, saying, “You don’t make music with your lips and your fingers; you make music with your ears.” These players make evident the truth of that observation.' - Henry Fogel, Fanfare, on Vol. 2

At last, the third and concluding volume of this fabulous, award-winning series, brings us the Léner Quartet's recordings of Beethoven's Late Quartets. Truly essential listening!