LEINSDORF 1961 Met Ring: 1. Das Rheingold

"The Metropolitan launched its first Ring cycle since the season of '56-'57 with an admirable performance of Das Rheingold (uncut and without an intermission, as Wagner wanted it) on Saturday afternoon, Dec. 16, under that devoted and eloquent Wagnerian, Erich Leinsdorf...

And in an era notorious for superficiality, impatience, and instability of taste, it was heartening to find a capacity audience listening with profound absorption. Much of the credit for this must go to Mr. Leinsdorf, who is giving these masterpieces uncut and with faith in their intrinsic majesty and beauty. Nor should the superb Metropolitan Opera Orchestra go unpraised..." Robert Sabin, Musical America, February 1962

This week we begin our journey into the magical world of Wagner's Ring Cycle, with Leinsdorf at the helm and a superb cast of star singers, including George London in his first stage Wotan, in this 1961 Metropolitan Opera broadcast performance of Das Rheingold. All aboard!