KEMPFF The Beethoven Piano Sonatas

"Wilhelm Kempff was in his mid-50s when the mono recordings were made, and about 70 for the later cycle. The musicianship on both sets is exemplary, but the earlier cycle finds Kempff closer to the zenith of his technical abilities. Kempff afficionados probably own both sets, and each is worthy of interest. Up until now, the stereo cycle has had the upper hand from a sonic perspective. However, the Pristine Audio XR restoration of the monophonic recordings constitutes a dramatic improvement. They now emerge with a striking clarity, depth and beauty of tone, and impressive dynamic range. In fact, the mono recordings as restored by Andrew Rose and Pristine Audio are at least competitive with the stereo cycle, and might have offer a bit more satisfying sound." - Fanfare magazine

Today sees the completion of our four-volume set of Wilhelm Kempff's Complete Beethoven Piano Sonatas, marking our 22nd Beethoven release of 2020 as we celebrate the composer's 250th birthday this week. Some of the greatest Beethoven piano recordings ever made, now available in the very finest sound from Pristine.