KEMPFF Beethoven Piano Sonatas, Volume 1

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"He gives no short measure of musicianship. Each phrase is played with an intense concentration that makes it sound as if Kempff had just composed the sonata and were now running it through for the first time... to my mind his performances of these two early sonatas, both written about 1797 , are among the best things he has done" - The Gramophone, 1957

This week we begin a new series: Wilhelm Kempff's 1951 studio recordings of the complete Beethoven Piano Sonatas. Although largely overshadowed by his later stereo remake, these are arguably the better performances, let down by inferior sound.

This series aims to rehabilitate those earlier recordings, with XR remastering completely revitalising the sound quality and bringing some of the finest piano tone you'll hear at Pristine to these essential classics. Absolutely not to be missed!