FURTWÄNGLER The Munich Bruckner 4

It was to be Wilhelm Furtwängler's final word on Bruckner's Symphony No. 4, at least as far as known recordings are concerned, and his penultimate recorded Bruckner symphony, and yet for over 70 years this 1951 recording with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra has languished on the sidelines. How many had the tenacity to listen through the audience noise and the bad sound for all sixty-six minutes of it when other, easier options were available?

Ambient Stereo XR remastering has now entirely transformed a previously "thin, flat" recording into something of magnificent beauty. Meanwhile the vast majority of the bangs and wheezes, coughs and sneezes that bedevilled it have been either entirely excised or greatly diminished in volume. For a major work in the Bruckner canon from one of his greatest interpreters this is surely a vital edition - it's definitely worth hearing!

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