Furtwängler conducts Tchaikovsky and Schumann

"I wonder whether you've considered releasing his live 1951 Tchaikovsky 6th recorded in Cairo with the Berlin Phil. It's one of Furtwangler's greatest performances far more intense than the 1938 studio version. I've been on at the Furtwangler Society to do it for ages. It has had only one CD issue around 15 years ago and that on a box set. DG issued it on LP around 1976. The sound is a bit boxy which is why I think it would benefit from an XR remastering. If anyone could do this titanic performance proud it is you!" - e-mail to Pristine, October 2018

And so here it is! Furtwängler conducts the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra in both the Tchaikovsky Pathétique Symphony in the 1951 Cairo live recording and also Schumann's Cello Concerto, with the Philharmonic's principal cellist, Tibor de Machula, in an astonishingly good 1942 recording.

Both have benefited hugely from Pristine's XR remastering and sound truly excellent.