CANTELLI in New York, Vol. 2

"Two explosive, thoroughly engaging concerts from Carnegie Hall remind us of the glories of Guido Cantelli’s work with the baton" - Audiophile Audition on Vol. 1

Two fabulous concert broadcasts from Cantelli and the New York Philharmonic, recorded a week apart in 1956 just months before Cantelli's tragic death, demonstrate what a huge talent he possessed. The main attractions here are the two Beethoven piano concertos, with Wilhelm Backhaus and Walter Gieseking. But the Schumann likewise is not to be missed and the Vivaldi and Strauss are again excellent.

  • BEETHOVEN  Piano Concerto No. 4
  • BEETHOVEN  Piano Concerto No. 5
  • SCHUMANN Symphony No. 4
  • VIVALDI  L'Estro Armonico: Concerto Grosso No. 11
  • R. STRAUSS Don Juan
  • CRESTON Dance Overture