This release brings us no fewer than three “lost” treasures from the legendary Budapest Quartet: works by Haydn, Tchaikovsky and Dvořák, which have, to the best of our research, never been reissued on LP or CD. Making them doubly rare is the fact that the Haydn and Dvořák works were never otherwise recorded by the ensemble.

In addition, this set includes a major Schubert quartet (the “Rosamunde”) which had only previously been reissued in a Japanese EMI LP set, and two other recordings - Schubert’s Quartettsatz and the Mendelssohn First Quartet - which, though fairly well available on LP, have only been found on a couple obscure CD reissues - all in stunningly-good new transfers by Mark Obert-Thorn.

WAGNER PROMOTION: From 3pm Paris time, Friday 20 May, and for exactly one week, we mark the 209th birthday of WAGNER with a 10% discount on all our recordings of his music, in download or CD format - the discount is automatic and will be applied at the checkout.