BEECHAM at the Royal Festival Hall, Vol. 1

'SIR THOMAS BEECHAM returned to London’s routine concert scene on Sunday night, and the crowded audience in the Festival Hall, falling at once under the old spell, was rejuvenated into a fresh awareness of unburdened musical delight. At the end of the programme, hardly anybody in the audience got up from his or her seat or showed the slightest intention of going home. Even the critics stayed on—and no conductor, no musician, alive or dead, has received a rarer tribute than that.

Sir Thomas spoke to us, saying, “I suppose you are all waiting for an encore?” In a single voice the packed multitude roared “Yes!” and then Sir Thomas said. “This is a matter requiring some thought. I know only a few pieces."' - The Guardian, 1959

This is the first of three volumes dedicated to two splendid concerts given in 1959, recorded by the BBC and XR-remastered for Pristine by Andrew Rose in excellent Ambient Stereo sound.

  • HAYDN Symphony No. 101, "Clock"
  • LALO Symphony in G minor
  • DEBUSSY Cortège & Air de Dance from L'enfant prodigue