ADOLF BUSCH The Mozart Orchestral Recordings

Sunday 8 August is Adolf Busch's 130th birthday and we're marking it with a double-CD release and a 15% discount on all his recordings for a week, beginning 3pm CET Friday 6th.

‘With Mozart and Bach there is no bad writing, only beautiful and more beautiful’ … ‘I wish I had known Mozart, so that I could have told him I understood him’ … ‘Mozart is altogether the most cunning swine that ever existed; he knew more than the Lord God knew’ … ‘After Bach, Mozart knew the most about counterpoint’ … ‘How can you deny the existence of God if there is a G minor Symphony?’ - Adolf Busch

Along with Mozart's 4th and 5th Violin Concertos, the 34th Symphony, the Serenata noturrna, the Adagio and Fugue and the Piano Concerto No. 14 with Serkin, this release also features music by Beethoven, Purcell, Gabrieli and more.