KRAUSS Strauss: Die Fledermaus (1950) - PACO001

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KRAUSS Strauss: Die Fledermaus (1950) - PACO001

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J STRAUSS II Die Fledermaus

Recorded 1950
Total duration: 1hr 32:28

Vienna State Opera Chorus
Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: Clemens Krauss

This set contains the following albums:

Krauss's classic 1950 Decca Fledermaus

Superb transfer from Peter Harrison

In their 1956 book, The Record Guide, Edward Sackville-West and Desmond Shawe-Taylor, not a pair to mince their words, sit on the fence or hold back from expressing an opinion, wrote of this recording:

"It is scarcely possible to imagine a more delightful pair of records than the complete Decca Fledermaus. There is no spoken dialogue, but a virtually uncut performance recorded with good balance and a wonderful bloom on the vocal and orchestral tone. No better conductor could have been found for this delectable score than Clemens Kraus; he handles the detail with as much care as though it were almost incredible delicacy... Perhaps the greatest musical pleasure comes from Julius Patzakand Hilde Gueden [right, as Rosalinde]: their duet in the second act [Dieser Andstand] particularly ravishing. Apart from its musical and technical excellence, the recording has captured to a remarkable degree the illusion of a stage performance... This is one of the best opera sets yet published in England."

Pristine Audio is delighted to bring you an incredible brand new transcription and restoration of these discs from the golden ears of Peter Harrison of disk2disc. When I put it to Peter that Sackville-West and Shawe-Taylor seemed to like it quite a lot, he replied: "So do I - and I have five other recordings of it! The only one that comes close is a DVD with Carlos Kleiber."

This really is a masterful recording, lovingly restored from near-mint original vinyl, and sounding gorgeous - in this his first commercial remastering for Pristine Audio, Peter Harrison truly excelled!

NB. In January 2010 we prepared an Ambient Stereo version of this recording, which was among Pristine's original set of twelve releases for our launch in February 2005. We also took the opportunity at this time to upgrade the MP3 files to a maximum possible 320kbps resolution and to make additions and minor modifications to the cover notes.

Andrew Rose

  • J. STRAUSS II Die Fledermaus

    Julius Patzak -
    Gabriel von Eisenstein
    Hilde Gueden - Rosalinde
    Kurt Preger -
    Sieglinde Wagner -
    Prince Orlofsky
    Anton Dermota -
    Alfred Poell -
    Dr. Falke
    August Jaresch -
    Dr. Blind
    Wilma Lipp -

    Vienna State Opera Chorus
    Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
    Conductor Clemens Krauss

    Recorded: 16-22 September 1950, Musikvereinsaal, Vienna
    Released as Decca LXT 2550-2551
    Producer: Victor Olaf
    Engineer:Cyril Windebank
    Location: Grosser Saal, Musikverein, Vienna