TOSCANINI conducts American Music, Volume 2

"[Toscanini] kept asking Grofé if the tempo was right . . . ; after all, Grofé was the composer and the Old Man always felt the composer was much more important than the conductor. Every time he asked Grofé anything, he always called him “Maestro”; and Grofé was just in heaven. When it was all over, the Old Man called him up to the podium to ask him if everything was all right, and Grofé said yes and was so overcome as he backed away that he backed into the chairs and fell over them."

Toscanini rarely conducted American music - here we bring fabulous new source recordings to light of the second of two wartime broadcast concerts dedicated entirely to US composers - in truly unbelievable sound quality!

  • GILBERT Comedy Overture
  • KENNEN Night Soliloquy
  • GRIFFES The White Peacock
  • GROFÉ  Grand Canyon Suite