KOUSSEVITZKY Unheard Beethoven (1943/44)

"Beethoven’s Fourth Symphony was accorded a beautiful performance - fleeting, precise and very expressive. Beethoven is one of the composers whom Mr. Koussevitzky performs with something of a super-super intensity and style. He makes the music “sing” all the way." - Boston Globe, 1943

Incredible as it may seem, as far as we can see, this new release is the first time a Koussevitzky Beethoven Symphony No. 4 has ever been issued. From a total of 39 performances with the Boston Symphony Orchestra it's the only surviving recording, and it's taken all of Pristine's expertise to restore it ready for release.

It's coupled with more unreleased Beethoven from Koussevitzky - the Symphony No. 7 from a superb performance with the Boston orchestra the following year in New York City. Truly an amazing find!