"As these performances are all I know of Spivakovsky’s playing, they’ve made me hungry for more. This is playing here of a very special artist: one with the refinement of a Lipatti, the power of a Kapell, the clarity of a Gilels, and the naturalness of a Schnabel. If one is interested in 20th-century pianism, then Spivakovsky is an artist to know. I myself am ordering the previous releases as I write this." - Fanfare magazine

This week we return to our ongoing series of recordings by Jascha Spivakovsky, which have been building ever more attention for this fabulous yet largely forgotten pianist. Volume Eight begins with two Beethoven piano sonatas, nos. 9 and 13, both recorded for broadcast in the mid-1950s. In fact all but two of the pieces here were taken from radio or TV broadcasts in Australia and New Zealand.

Once again Spivakovsky reveals his master musician status by striking an ideal balance between objectivity and individuality, being faithful to the score while adding refined personal touches that bring the music to life.