BUSCH conducts Beethoven in Copenhagen

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Ever since his debut in Copenhagen in the early 1920s, Fritz Busch was a well-loved visitor to the Danish capital (he settled in Denmark in 1934). And although his frequent performances well into his year of death 1951 were broadcast, only a fairly limited number of them have survived on record. Busch’s few surviving Copenhagen recordings of music by Beethoven may easily be divided into live recordings from 1948/1950, presenting complete performances of the Ninth Symphony and the overtures Leonore II and III, and single movements from works recorded in the years 1933-5. Yet these earlier fragments contain works otherwise not documented by Busch, i.e. the Missa solemnis and the Fourth Piano Concerto, the latter here heard with the soloist Rudolf Serkin, the son-in-law of Busch’s brother Adolf.

All of these have been grouped together and XR remastered by Andrew Rose for this superb release, as Pristine continues to celebrate Beethoven's 250th anniversary in 2020!