BOULT Vaughan Williams Symphonies, Vol. 4

It's sixty-four years since the death of Ralph Vaughan Williams on 26 August 1958, and it seems only appropriate that, although we're releasing this series of superlative recordings to mark his 150th birthday in October, we mark the anniversary with this, the fourth of our five Boult/London Philharmonic symphony volumes.

For this fourth volume, which couples the 7th and 8th symphonies, we've had to slightly step out of chronological order of composition in order to keep timings within the bounds of the compact disc. The sound here is splendid, with the Sinfonia antartica in particular offering a richness and depth you might have missed in previous encounters. And of course there's the leap into the exciting new world of stereo to be heard in the 8th Symphony, which benefits greatly from XR remastering.

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