Die Meistersinger: Hans Hotter's Sachs

"This is perhaps the best all-round Meistersinger I have ever heard. The main reason is Hotter's Sachs, which I had never heard before and which is surely one of the greatest operatic characterizations ever put on record ... This portrayal of Sachs could only have been arrived at by a man who constantly searched for understanding and left no possibility untried. Not only is Hotter musically splendid, in perfect control of his great voice; he is also alive to every nuance of every line in a way that is constantly illuminating yet never forced or overdone. Even Schorr pales by comparison." - William Youngren, Fanfare, 1984

Now XR remastered by Pristine from digital transfers of the original 15 IPS Bavarian Radio master tapes, this incredible 1949 performance of Wagner's Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg truly comes alive in this fabulous new release. An exceptional addition to any Wagnerian's music collection.