More rare Koussevitzky Beethoven

Until a few weeks ago there had never been a release of Serge Koussevitzky conducting Beethoven's 4th Symphony - Pristine delivered this, alongside a previously unissued Beethoven 7th (PASC515). At the end of his review for Audiophile Audition, Gary Lemco wrote:

"We must acknowledge what Andrew Rose and Pristine have accomplished here, granting us an almost-complete set the Beethoven Nine (minus the First) by Koussevitzky. May such a discovery ensue!"

Well a few weeks later, here we are: the first ever release of a Koussevitzky Beethoven Symphony No. 1, coupled with more unreleased Beethoven - the 6th 'Pastoral' Symphony. The former is a French broadcast performance from 1950, the latter with his Boston Symphony Orchestra from a concert broadcast in 1943. Both are indispensable!