FURTWÄNGLER's 1950 Wagner Ring Cycle

This week at Pristine we see the reissue of Furtwängler's legendary live 1950 La Scala recordings of Wagner's Ring Cycle as a premium 12-CD set with all-new artwork and packaging.

"Different restoration engineers keep improving the Furtwängler/Scala Ring cycle, and now that Andrew Rose of Pristine has gotten around to it, the result achieves a level that frankly I never thought possible. Anyone seriously interested in The Ring must know Furtwängler’s performances" - Fanfare, 2013

We also celebrate the 58th/232rd birthday of Rossini (born 29 February 1792) and the 200th birthday of Smetana with special discount offers on both composers' recordings: save 10% on Rossini and 25% on Smetana!