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1000GB Portable Drive Based Complete Music Collection - PADMC001

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All our recordings in CD quality or higher FLAC:

  • Over 730 Pristine Audio classical releases - complete

  • All our Jazz and Blues releases

  • All our National Gramophonic Society Releases

  • PLUS over 600 PADA Exclusives - the complete MP3 collection

  • Everything in all available formats - 16-bit mono, stereo, Ambient Stereo, 24-bit high resolution


Delivered to you on a 1TB (1000 GB) plug-and-play high quality pocket-sized Intenso 2.5-in high speed USB 3 external hard drive (NB. USB3 in backward-compatible with previous versions of USB).

Simply plug into your PC or Mac and you've got the lot!

Collection size (as of March 2015): Around 613GB - over 30,000 files!

Drives are delievered fully up to date with all recordings up to and including the most recent on the date of order


The Pristine Audio Digital Music Collection

over 1100 recordings - the complete collection - full hi-fi sound



Lacie RikikiOur complete Pristine catalogue in CD-quality and better FLAC format plugs straight into your PC or Mac and delivers hundreds of hours of wonderful historic recordings at the click of a mouse.

No DRM: All the recordings are DRM-free, and can be listened to directly, recorded to CD, streamed over your home system, or converted to any other format. There are no restrictions placed on any of our recordings.

Space to spare: The massive 1000GB capacity of these exceptionally quiet and reliable drives leaves you plenty of space to spare for your digital music collection.

Simple and elegant: Just plug the diminutive drive into a USB port on your computer and you're ready to go - integrates seamlessly with Windows® 2000/XP/Vista/7 and Mac® OS 10.5 or later and requires no additional mains power.

Smart, small and efficient: One of the smallest drives on the market, it's discreet, quiet and ultra-portable, with no additional power requirements beyond the USB port. Size 109.7 x 75 x 13.4 mm / 4.3 x 2.9 x .5 in, weight 158 g / 5.57 oz. Full technical details and product support can be found here: Intenso Memory Case manufacturer's website




Pristine Audio Digital Music Collection Options

save money when you buy individual collections only


PADMC Options - for those with more specialist tastes

Choose to get only what you want and save money with a PADMC Options drive. It's the same fast, compact Intenso drive as the full collection, but with a single section of our full collection only loaded into it. So if you're only interested in our Vocal and Operatic releases (those with a PACO prefix in our catalogue) you can choose only these recordings - and have plenty of space left over for your existing music collection too!


Pristine Audio Digital Music Collection

more information for potential purchasers


The ultimate historic recordings collection - over 1400* recordings of superb music:

CD quality or better FLACs of all Pristine Audio releases available on this website - over 730* recordings - up to date at the time of purchase - see our full index for details. Where a release is available in both 16-bit and 24-bit resolution you'll get both.

Mono and Ambient Stereo - where recordings are available in both formats you'll get both the original mono version and the Ambient Stereo version.

The ultimate collection - all our Chamber Music, Orchestral Music, Keyboard Music and Vocal Music releases, together with Jazz and Blues and shorter releases. You'll also have all the National Gramophonic Society releases currently available.

PADA Exclusives - otherwise only available to subscribers to our streamed audio services and not available on CD, this rapidly growing collection of nearly 700* historic recordings in included in its original high quality MP3 format. There's a full list of PADA Exclusives recordings here.

Keep up to date - all purchasers can subscribe to monthly updates, posted on DVDs (see right hand column).

*Recordings as counted March 2015 - the collection grows every week!


Your Digital Music Collection explained

Your drive comes loaded with everything we have ever released on the Pristine Audio label in a lossless format. When you plug it in and open it on your computer you'll find 6 folders which are named: Ambient Stereo, Covers, NGS FLACs, PADA Exclusives MP3s, Pristine Audio 16-bit FLACS and Pristine Audio 24-bit FLACs.

Within these you'll find another set of folders - in Ambient Stereo, for example, you'll find folders named Blues, Chamber Music, Collections, Jazz, Keyboard Music, Orchestral Music and Vocal Music.

Inside each of these are folders titled by catalogue number - for example, in the Orchestral section you'll see folders named PASC123, PASC234 etc. Insdie these are the FLAC music files themselves, together with additional artwork, scores (where available) and so forth - the contents are exactly the same as the zipped FLAC downloads you can purchase from this website. You'll also receive a printed copy of our PDF catalogue to tell you what's what.

We prepare each drive from our master files, which include every single Pristine Audio release available on our website at the time of transfer to your drive. If thereafter you would like to continue keeping your drive up to date you can subscribe to our monthly DVDs, which contain every release of the previous month, laid out in a similar format and ready to copy to your drive. Alternatively you can of course simply purchase only those titles which interest you and add them to your Digital Music Collection when you like, together with music downloads from other online providers.

There are no restrictions on copying music and other files on or off your Digital Music Collection drive - it operates as an additional disk drive on your computer system and is shown as such in your computer's file manager. Simply use your preferred music player to access (and catalogue if required) the drive whenever you want to hear something - or copy your favourites to another drive, portable music player, mobile phone etc.



Technical notes - please read:

Power supply - the hard drive draws all its power from its USB connection. There is no additional power supply.

Drive file format - the hard drive is formatted using the NTFS file system for PC or HFS+ for Mac. It is plug-and-play compatible with Windows® 2000/XP/Vista/7 and Mac® OS 10.4.8 or later. Please let us know whether you intend to use with Mac or PC.

Drive connection format - the hard drive is USB 3.0 compatible and supplied with a USB 3 cable. Note that whilst the drive will also function on a USB 2.0, 1.0 or 1.1 connection at more than sufficient speed for full quality audio replay, transfer speeds between your PC and the disc drive will be slower than with USB 3.0.

Music file format - the music is supplied in the same file formats as for lossless download: 16-bit full CD-quality lossless FLAC and (where available) studio master quality 24-bit FLAC. (PADA Exclusives have only ever been supplied to us in MP3 format and are thus included in this format.)

Cover Artwork - the collection includes our PDF CD cover artwork in a separate folder.



Please allow up to 28 days for delivery. Each drive is made up to order with our very latest releases, carefully repackaged in its original box and then further packed in strong and secure packaging for International postal delivery.

Import duty - please note that outside the EU you may be liable for import duty. The declared value of the product will be the current retail price of the hard drive, and it will be labelled as such. It is your responsibility to deal with any customs or import duties or restrictions, and we cannot be held liable for any delay in receipt due to customs delays.

Postage included - the price includes Air Mail delivery worldwide. If you prefer to use a private carrier please contact us - other carriers are at your own expense and must be arranged by you.




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