Issay Barmas Bundles

Issay Barmas Bundles

Issay Barmas Bundles

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REGER Violin Concerto
REGER Mozart Variations
REGER A Romantic Suite
Bonus tracks:
REGER Praeladium from Suite in A minor
REGER Andante sostenuto from Sonata in A minor
REGER Romanze
REGER Andantino from Sonata in A major
REGER Allegretto from Sonata in F-sharp minor

Studio and live recordings, 1915-1957
Total duration: 2hr 10:31

Georg Kulenkampff, violin
Issay Barmas, violin
Efrem Zimbalist, violin
Adolf Busch, violin

Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam
Residency Orchestra of The Hague
conducted by Willem van Otterloo