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"The first thing to be observed about all these recent releases from Andrew Rose's Pristine Audio label is that the sound quality achieved is second to none. Even the oldest recording is made to yield exceptional results, which is sure to delight both aficionado and newcomer alike. So whether your taste is for the familiar, such as Beethoven piano music played by Schnabel, or the unfamiliar, for instance Howard Hanson conducting Charles Griffes, you are certain to be delighted with the sonic results achieved by this label. In addition, as Andrew Rose has such a vast pool of out-of-copyright recordings from which to choose for remastering, one can generally be confident that the musical performances will always be of a very high standard. There are very few, if any, musical duds in the Pristine catalogue..."

Classical Recordings Quarterly, Spring 2012

Latest Releases

The Juilliard Quartet's ground-breaking 1950s recordings of the Second Viennese School: Schoenberg, Webern, Berg string quartets
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"Pristine has done wonders for
Furtwängler's La Scala Ring"
- Alex Ross, author, New Yorker music critic, 2013

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Stokowski's arrangements of Bach, Vivaldi, Cesti and Frescobaldi, plus music by Lully, Palestrina and Gabrielli in its first digital outing
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A brilliant performance captured in exceptionally early stereo, Gieseking's 1944 Emperor is a must - coupled with his 1951 Beethoven 4th with von Karajan
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Emanuel Feuermann's brilliant 1930s recordings of chamber music by Beethoven, Brahms, Schubert and Reger in new transfers by Mark Obert-Thorn
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Bruno Walter's legendary 1938 first recording of Mahler's 9th Symphony, brought to new life in this stunning XR remastered transfer
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The Pristine Audio Digital Music Collections
Pristine Classical's Digital Music Collection drives are ideal for the dedicated music-lover. With well over 600 Pristine Classical releases - our entire catalogue - plus almost 600 PADA Exclusives, there's enough music here to keep anyone happy for a very long time indeed.

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Virtual Box Sets
Save 10% on the individual download price when you purchase one of our Virtual Box Sets as 16-bit CD-quality or 24-bit Studio Master FLAC files.

Downloads include all artwork and (where available) full scores of the works included. Why not start with Otto Klemperer's legendary 1950s stereo Beethoven Symphonies - sounding stunningly better than ever before in new 32-bit Pristine XR remasters?

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Furtwängler's Ring

SAVE 10% on Furtwängler's 1953 Ring Cycle!
"This RAI Ring cycle remains one of the glories of the recorded musical history of the 20th century, and sounds here fuller, warmer, cleaner, and more natural than it ever has before... Pristine deserves nothing but praise for what it has done in restoring them." - FANFARE

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Schnabel's Beethoven

SAVE 10% on Schnabel's Beethoven Sonatas!
"Pristine has surpassed its predecessors. The sound quality made me think that the performances had been bundled into a time machine and sent into the mono Fifties -- no static, no hiss, no overbearing treble, and much truer to the live sound. Indeed, it made me rethink my conception of Schnabel." - CLASSICAL CD REVIEW

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Bartók plays Bartók


Suite for Solo Piano, Op. 14

Béla Bartók piano

Recorded November 1929
La voix de son maitre

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This transfer by Dr. John Duffy
Additional remastering by Andrew Rose

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