Splitting our long MP3s into individual MP3 tracks

Pristine Classical MP3s are a little different: all of our music files are sold as single, long MP3 files. This can be especially important with classical music, where one of the shortcomings of MP3 files - the small gap at the start and end of every MP3 - can result in highly irrititating breaks in continuous music. The best-known example is the seamless transition from third to fourth movements in Beethoven's Fifth Symphony - a gap here is simply unacceptable!

A single long MP3? This allows us to neatly side-step the MP3 gap problem completely, and gives you a series of choices:

  1. Leave it alone - keep all your music files as single files with no interruptions.
  2. Burn to CD - using our tutorial and Ahead Nero CD software, you can burn seamless CDs
  3. Split into individual MP3s - using a "Cue Splitter". This will inevitably reintroduce those gaps...

Cue Splitters:
Simple-to-use software which allows you to split your long MP3 into individual tracks, ideal for transfer to an iPod or similar MP3 player. Each of our multi-track MP3s has a 'Cue' file associated with it - if you downloaded a ZIP file you'll have it already; if you downloaded an MP3 file you'll find the cue sheet on the download page at Pristine Classical in the 'Find Out More' box towards the bottom of the page.

Cue Splitter Software for Windows [alt download location]

Cue Splitter Software for Mac



Using the Windows Cue Splitter:

  1. Download the cue file from the page you ordered your MP3 and save it into the same folder as the MP3. (You should now have two files with the same name and different extensions, eg. PASC123.mp3 & PASC123.cue)
  2. From the File menu, select "Open CUE file"
  3. Select the appropriate cue file - Note: it must be in the same folder as the MP3 you wish to split
  4. Click the Split! button at the bottom left hand corner and select the folder you wish to use for the MP3s
  5. Click OK and the individual files will be automatically generated

Note that you can deselect files for splitting by un-checking the boxes on the left hand column


Cue Splitter

Unfortunately we cannot currently provide hands-on support for Mac users with Cue Splitter software - please refer to the author and software instructions for assistance. However, the operation should be similar to this.



See also: advanced use of cue splitters





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