Using the PADA player


The PADA Player - How to Use It

The PADA Player is very simple to operate - simply click on any title to hear that recording. Here is a clickable guide which shows what all of the player's controls do:


PADA player



1. Playlist Selection

Click to switch between playlists - the selection will depend on your subscription. The current playlist is shown on the right.



2. Player controls: left

Button 1: Play/Pause toggle - in either mode streaming and caching continues
Button 2: Go back - jump to previous recording
Button 3: Go forward - jump to next recording
Time - shows current playback time
Playbar - shows play position & amount cached - play position is draggable



3. Player controls: right

Button 1: Link button - Regular: shows webpage for this work / Exclusives: download MP3
Button 2: Mute - mutes audio output while playback continues
Volume - playback volume control



4. Playlist controls

Highlighted bar - Lit up when mouse hovers over a selection - click to play recording
Scrollbar - drag to scroll up and down playlist



5. Playlist view toggle

Click on change to to switch between alphabetical listings by performer or by composer.




TIP: Clicking on the cover artwork in the Now Playing screen also allows you to either open the website page for that recording (Regular view) or download the MP3 (Exclusives view) in the same way as the circled buttons (4) and the down arrow (3).





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