Downloads - MP3, 16-bit FLAC or 24-bit FLAC?


Pristine Classical downloads come in up to three possible formats:

MP3 High-quality MP3, normally encoded as a variable bit rate file at extreme settings using the LAME codec
FLAC CD quality FLAC, identical in replay to our CD master files at 16-bit 44.1kHz sampling resolution
FLAC 24-bit Studio master FLAC, the full 24-bit master file, upsampled to 48kHz for extra compatibility

Each recording is priced according to length, with a price code shown on each page and all prices in the left hand margin. Note that at the time of writing we're in the process of adding CD-Quality FLAC downloads for all Pristine Audio recordings. Studio Master FLACs will only be available for selected downloads.

Please read these notes carefully and try out our test files before purchasing a download in an unfamiliar format.



MP3 files came as single, long files to by-pass any track gaps, but can be split using a cue splitter or burned directly to CD with track points inserted on the fly. See our help files for further information, hints and tips.


CD Quality FLACs

FLAC files came split into individual tracks, encapsulated in a single ZIP file for easy download and storage, with playlists included. Some software has FLAC playback built in, other software can have it added. Finally, a few programs, iTunes included, require a quick and simple file conversion to play them. See our help files for further information, hints and tips.


Studio Master FLACs

These are delivered in the same way as our regular 16-bit FLACs. However, our final masters are always prepared at 24-bit resolution (we work at 32-bit or higher when remastering) and this is what we offer here. In order to add compatibility with DVD video replay the final master is upsampled to 48kHz, which neither adds nor detracts from the audio quality.

Please ensure you either have the computer sound card capability to replay 24-bit/48kHz files, use a high quality media streaming system capable of replay of these files, or use a DVD-based replay system to get the full resolution of these downloads.

Our Help files include advice on how to record 24-bit FLAC files to DVD disc for replay either via DVD-Audio players or via regular DVD players. Additional commercial software may be required to achieve this, and may not be available for all operating systems.

Please note - unless you have specialist software to down-sample and bit-rate convert these 24-bit 48k files to CD resolution (16 bit, 44.1k) they are not suitable for transfer to regular audio CDs.


Download our test files and try them out

Mendelssohn Violin Concerto - Heifetz

Mendelssohn Violin Concerto
Jascha Heifetz, violin
New York Philharmonic Orchestra
Conducted by Guido Cantelli

Recorded live in 1954, remastered in 2007


Click on the buttons to download all of the first movement of this recording in each of our three download formats:

Download MP3 FLAC download FLAC download
12 MB 41.8 MB 64.4 MB

Total track duration: 10:45
All files dual-channel mono



The ZIP file (which is how our FLACs and multi-CD MP3 files are delivered) contains all three music files above, together with a PDF of the printable CD cover and a full score of the Mendelssohn Concerto, also in PDF format. These are typical of the additional files found in many of our downloads and allow you to try and test out a variety of the different formats you'll encounter here.

For further information on ZIP files (which act here as a single, efficient 'carrier' container for a number of files) see our notes here.


For further assistance, please refer to our Help files






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FLAC or MP3?
Mendelssohn Violin Conc.
Heifetz, NYPO, Cantelli '54

Mendelssohn Violin Concerto - Heifetz
Click cover for more info

Check out the difference between MP3 and FLAC with a free download of the first movement of this historic recording:

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XR: all FLAC

All our XR-remastered recordings are available in both MP3 and FLAC format

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