Playing 24-bit FLACs on your DVD player


Disc-based replay of 24-bit FLACs FLAC

Our 24-bit 48kHz FLAC downloads cannot be transferred onto a regular Audio CD without first converting them to 16-bit 44.1kHz format, thus losing any possible audio advantages of the 24-bit format.

However you can play them back in full 24-bit quality using a DVD player hooked up to your hi-fi. There are two ways to achieve this - one using a standard DVD player, the other using a DVD-Audio compatible DVD player.


Standard DVD video disc - use any DVD player

DVD videoAn ordinary DVD player is capable of playing back audio at 24bit/48k and 24bit/96k resolution using its standard video playback features. Audio DVD Creator is a Windows-based program which create a video disc directly from your 24-bit FLAC files so they can be replayed in full quality using a regular DVD player.

This software should also convert 16-bit 44.1k FLACs for replay on your DVD player, and will also work with 96kHz FLAC downloads, which can now be downloaded from some suppliers. For any support issues with this type of use please refer to the software company and not Pristine Classical.


1. Download Audio DVD Creator and install it from the Audio DVD Creator website here. Note this is a shareware program with a 30-day try-out period. Thereafter it can be purchased here for €27.80 (available in multiple currencies and website languages).

2. Add full FLAC decoding by downloading madFlac and unpacking it to your C drive from the RAR archive here. If you need a unpacker for RAR archives we suggest the freeware 7-Zip, available here.

3. Install madFlac by double-clicking on install.bat. (You can remove it by double-clicking on uninstall.bat at any time.)

4. Run Audio DVD Creator and follow through the options, starting with New Project/Audio DVD and selecting PCM (High Quality) at 48kHz and 24 bit. Remember to select the correct TV Mode (NTSC or PAL) for your region.

5. Add your 24-bit FLACs at the Author page by selecting Add Music Files and adding them to the Import File List. You can then Preview your disc prior to clicking on Create to burn it to a blank DVD using a DVD writer. Make sure you can hear your first track before making the disc! If not, refer to the help files and online support for Audio DVD Creator.


Alternative PC software: a freeware video DVD program, Lplex, which displays a blank video screen, is available in beta version here. Please follow the instructions in the readme.txt file in order to use it. We have not tested this but have received positive reports about it.



DVD-A audio discs

DVD AudioDVD-Audio discs will only play on specially equipped DVD-A players. They can handle a wider range of sampling rates than standard video discs. Links to a number of software packages which can produce DVD-A discs can be found here. Please note that as we don't have a DVD-A player we cannot offer any help or support for DVD-A discs.







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